Quilting Service

Machine Quilting Service

We offer the following machine quilting services:

Continuous or Edge to Edge

In this type of quilting, patterns repeat in rows from the top to bottom of the quilt Patterns vary in complexity


This type of quilting meanders over the whole quilt creating a simple pattern. Meandering may be medium or large in size and may include extra patterns such as flowers, hearts, loops, stars etc.


Stippling is similar to meandering but is much smaller in size. Stippling can cover the whole quilt or be used as a filling or background stitch in specific areas. Flattening some areas of a quilt with stippling allows other areas of the quilt to stand out.

Custom Quilting

This speciality quilting includes varying the patterns used for different sections of the quilt top and borders. Our goal is for our quilting to enhance your patchwork, not be the focal point. We will work with you to ensure that the patterns and colours complement and add depth, perception and interest to your quilt.

Machine Basting

This type of quilting entails placing large basting stitches across the quilt to provide a stable base for hand quilting

Price List

Minimum Quilt Charge $50.00
Quilt Set Up and Loading Fee (may be waived for small quilts) $10.00
Thread Colour Fee $5.00
Thread Colour Fee (Variegated) - per colour $10.00
Continuous or Edge to Edge Quilting
- per square foot, depending on complexity of the selected pattern
Meandering - per square foot From
Stippling - per square foot From
Custom Quilting - per square foot depending upon the complexity of the selected style From
There are hundreds of patterns to choose from, but if they are not to your taste, we will design a new pattern to suit your quilt.
All prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to change at any time.

Fee Calculation
Our prices are quoted per square foot. To calculate an approximate price for your quilt:

  • Measure your quilt top and ascertain the width and length in inches.
  • Multiply the width by the length to give you the total size in square inches.
  • Divide the total square inches by 144 to give you the total size in square feet.
  • Multiply the total size in square feet by the price for the type of quilting you prefer to give the approximate price for quilting only.
  • Add any other fees that you think may apply e.g. Quilt Set up and Loading Fee.
  • Remember that the approximate cost you calculate may not include special patterns, borders, threads etc.
  • We will provide you with a written quotation for the specific services you select, including a completion date.

To prepare your quilt for machine quilting, you should ensure the following:

  • Backing and batting must be 4” larger all around that your quilt top.
  • Backing should be assembled, squared off and pressed.
  • Quilts should not be based or pinned; they should be delivered as three separate pieces.
  • Where edges have been trimmed straight, the ends of the seams should be overstitched or they may part under pressure on the quilting machine.
  • Pressing open any seams and removing selvedge edges from the backing helps it to sit flat.
  • Fullness, lumps, puckers and tucks may still be visible after quilting.
  • We may request that wrongly sized or inadequate quality backing/batting be replaced. A fee will be charged for batting that requires piecing.

  • Free personal consultation, pick up and delivery in the southern Tasmania region.
  • Quilts may also be sent to us via Registered Post and they will be quilted once the written quote and delivery date have been agreed. When completed, quilts will then be returned by Registered post free of charge.
  • Telephone consultation can be arranged by appointment. Please call 0417 469 644.